Other Items

  • Perfect addition to your SPECIAL DAY!!!
  • AF One

    16 shots of red and blue stars with silver glitter
  • Celebrate July 4th with this NEW ITEM!!!
  • 37 armored piercing shots of whistle with glitter to green and gold peonies, gold chrysanthemum and a red crackling finish
  • Gold brocade mines to red, green, blue, and yellow stars and crackling stars
  • This 3-minute barrage featuring fabulous colors and bangs, will light up your sky!!!
  • 4 rows of gold brocade tails and a row of brocade with red dahlias~ 4 rows of gold brocade tails and a row of gold brocade with crackling stars
  • Hard Hitting Effects!! Gigantic Brocade Crown~ Variegated Strobes~ Stars and Falling Leaves~ Crackle
  • Starts off with spinners, to red with white strobe brocades to whistling serpents, spinners with flying fish, crackle mines to a 3 shot red crackling finale.
  • Powerful 1.75" shells with assorted effects~ color changing~ multicolors~ rings~ and others
  • New Item~ It's a MUST SEE!!!
  • 20 shots of multi colored crackling mines, stars, and crackling palms