Fireworks City® Videos

Check out what some of our best selling fireworks look like below. This is just a small selection of our product videos. Please scroll down to click on on our YouTube channel link to view all product videos.

Fancy Freedom – 500 Gram Cake

Louder Than Loud – Artillery Shell

What Happens in Vegas – 500 Gram

Fire Roulette – Fountain

Loaded – 200 Gram

Ballerina’s Ball – Fountain

Chroma Chameleon Premium – 500 Gram

Super Slugger – Hand-held Fountain

Premium Color Series – 500 Gram

Schizo – 500 Gram

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 Fireworks City®

Fireworks City
Fireworks City
Fireworks City

Fireworks City®

Here at Fireworks City, we have been offering the latest and greatest government approved fireworks for over 60 years, with store and tent locations all throughout the Midwest and South-east. So browse our amazing fireworks selection online and visit one of our locations near you to purchase the highest quality fireworks at the best prices. In addition to our great selection, our dedicated staff is knowledgeable and can help you select the best assortment for your event and budget. And remember, the more you spend the more you get free!